Pearl River Community College

Policies & Procedures


Social Activities

Adopted December 7, 1993

Reference: Student Services

Policy: Pearl River Community College encourages campus organizations to sponsor social activities.

Procedure: In order to avoid conflicts and to insure adequate planning for social activities, the following procedures are outlined: 1. Any organization planning a social activity on the campus or an activity or trip off campus must submit an application to the Dean of Student Services at least one (1) week prior to the activity and have the activity approved and placed on the Master Calendar in the Office of the Dean of Student Services. 2. The application should state the nature of the activity, the place, the chaperons, and the time the activity begins and ends. The chaperon list must include one of the organization's sponsors. The sponsor is responsible for the total activity including clean-up procedure. 3. No social activities are to be scheduled the last two weeks of each semester. 4. Application forms for the above mentioned activities can be secured in the Office of the Dean of Student Services.