Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures


Search and Interrogation of Students

Adopted October 11, 1977

Revision Date December 15, 2004

Reference: Student Services

Policy: Pearl River Community College reserves the right to search any residence hall room or vehicle or interrogate any person on campus subject to probable cause.

Procedure: Residence Halls and Vehicles 1. Normal inspection of students' rooms for health, safety, and standards of maintenance will be made by designated college officials and can be made if necessary in the absence of the student. 2. College officials will cooperate with law enforcement officers when a search warrant(s) is presented. 3. Whenever there is reasonable cause, the Dean of Student Services or his/her designee will search rooms and vehicles. The student will be present when possible, however, in all cases a witness will be present. Interrogation The rights of students regarding search and interrogation will be in accordance with the United States Constitution. The Board of Trustees recognizes that the law must be upheld, and when circumstances require, school officials may search and question students, particularly in cases involving the welfare and safety of people, the protection of property, and the possible violation of law or college rules. A designated College official, with the assistance of campus police, may search and question students when in their judgment the welfare and safety of the College is in jeopardy. The student may also be requested by a branch of the PRCC Judicial System to present themselves for interrogation.