Pearl River Community College

Policies & Procedures


Electronic Devices

Adopted May 10, 2005

Reference: Student Services

Policy: Pearl River Community College may restrict the use of electronic devices in instructional settings.

Procedure: The possession of a cellular or wireless telephone, pager, or any other communication device is prohibited in any setting in which testing of any sort is taking place, whether the device is on or off. The use of a cellular or wireless telephone, pager, or other communication device is prohibited in all College instructional settings, including classrooms, laboratories, shops, libraries, auditoriums, or any other location where instruction, recitation, performance or any other activity with the goal of student learning is taking place. The use of any device equipped with memory capability, such as a computer, calculator, or other device, is subject to restrictions, including being banned completely, by the instructor of a course. These restrictions should be communicated to the student in the course syllabus at the beginning of the course, but are subject to change if a reasonable effort is made by the instructor to communicate any change to the student. A person violating this policy and procedure is subject to disciplinary action, which may include confiscation of the device, dismissal from the instructional setting, dismissal from a class in which the violation occurs, or dismissal from the College. Due process will be afforded any student disciplined as a result of violation of this policy and procedure.