Financial Aid


Work-Study Information

Students who are interested in holding a job on campus may apply for work-study positions in various departments across all of PRCC's campuses.

The Work-Study Application Form can be found in RiverGuide (instructions are provided here).

  • On the Application Form, students MUST list the department(s) they are interested in applying for, in addition to the other information that is requested. Listing "all" or "any" department is not acceptable.

 NOTE: If you have already completed the application and need to add departments to your list, please e-mail us at and use the subject line "Work Study Application Update."

General Requirements

1) You must have a completed FAFSA on file

2) All required verification items must be submitted, if applicable

3) You must be in compliance with the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy

4) You must be enrolled in at least 15 credit hours (fall/spring semester)

5) Student athletes are not eligible for work-study funds, per institutional policy

PLEASE NOTE:  Accepting a work-study position may change your eligibility for student loans.  Loan funds may need to be reduced to accommodate work-study funds. 

Work-Study Application Process

Here is a brief overview of the work-study application process:

1) View the list of available positions and job descriptions on this page

2) Access the Work Study Application Form in RiverGuide

3) Complete the form with all information requested, including the list of departments you want to apply to

4) The Office of Financial Aid will send your information to the departments you list on the form

5) You will be contacted by the department(s) if they are interested in meeting you for an interview

6) If you are selected for the position, you will need to complete new-hire paperwork

7) After your paperwork is processed, you may begin working

8) Students are allowed to work up to 15 hours per week.  The rate is $7.25 per hour.

Available Work-Study Positions

Poplarville Campus

Practical Nursing

  • Filing, organizing, typing, running errands as needed
  • Required: must be able to follow directions well and type/file efficiently and accurately


  • Answer phone and be able to answer questions if asked, direct them to who they need to talk to and take complete messages
  • File various documents and understand the organization of the office
  • Data entry, when necessary
  • Check the mail, deliver documents between offices on campus
  • Make copies and scan documents
  • Laminate documents for the department when necessary
  • Welcome each person who walks into the office
  • Required: Must be knowledgeable in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; must have good customer service skills and know business phone etiquette; good communicaton and organizational skills, good work ethic and high level of professionalism


  • Washing and autoclaving glassware
  • Pouring, labeling, and sterilizing media tubes and petri plates
  • Cleaning microscopes, lab surfaces, and glassware
  • Refilling stains and decolorizers
  • Rinse bottles
  • Any other lab duties as assigned
  • Required: Science or Allied Health major; successful completion of Microbiology preferred

Career and Technical Education

  • Type memos, do mailings, and work with instructors in the CTE Department as necessary
  • Help coordinate events that take place in the Technology Building
  • Answer phones, take messages, and help guide visitors around the building
  • Required: working knowledge of Microsoft Office

Student Support Services

  • Answer phone and assist callers, as well as check voicemail and route messages to employees
  • Make new student files and file paperwork in files
  • Make copies and provide clerical support for the office
  • Check mail and run errands on campus as needed
  • Type departmental correspondance
  • Keep office area clean and assist in setting up for various events

Early Childhood Academy

  • Provide assistance  and interact with PRCC's youngest future Wildcats
  • Assist staff with daily tasks such as stocking/organizing materials, as well as assisting patrons with lamination or other resource needs
  • Answer phones and greet families and children entering the center
  • Serve as a role model for students, the Early Childhood Academy, and PRCC
  • Attend scheduled meetings with the ECA Coordinator
  • Monitor the center and make others feel welcome
  • Help prepare and assist with activities and center events, as well as help with any other ECA projects/activities that arise
  • Utilize patience, friendliness, and a positive attitude in all interactions with students, patrons, faculty, and staff
  • Must adhere to all PRCC and ECA policies and procedures
  • Required: Must be able to pass background/fingerprint check and must have completed at least 1 semester at PRCC with a minimum 3.0 GPA.  Strong interpersonal skills, a love for working with young children, positive attitude, self-motivated, reliable, and professional in all work-related activites.

Early Childhood Education Department

  • Help with children who attend the Lab School
  • Assist with office work, as needed
  • Required: ability to work with young children

Business Department

  • Answer the phone, make copies and fax documents as needed
  • Take message for instructor while instructor is in class
  • Create and edit documents in Microsoft Word
  • Required:  Proficient computer skills, maintains professional appearance and courteous demeanor, able to complete tasks in a timely manner, maintain reliable work schedule

Forrest County Center

Woodall Center/Workforce

  • Assist with front desk duties, such as answering phones, greeting people who walk into the facility, and assisting with student needs
  • Provide student assistance in registering for Adult Education and/or Workforce programs
  • Assist with planning, promoting, and setting up of events at the Woodall Center
  • Requirements:  friendly; customer service skills; knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Word; able to manage multiple phone lines and walk-ins

Surgical Technology Department

  • Make copies and file documents
  • Organize, stock, and prep the lab
  • General office duties

Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) Department

  • File, make copies, other office duties as assigned
  • Organize, prep, and stock the lab


  • Greet customers as soon as they walk through the door
  • Make sure floors are always clear from obstruction and items are not on floor
  • Throughout the date, check all supplies and items on sales floor and make sure products are neatly placed, brought to the front, and price tags are visible
  • Daily check the back for inventory when stock is low
  • Each day make sure the drink machines are stocked
  • Make sure all snacks are put out and all options are visible
  • Throughout the day check the clothing racks to make sure all clothing items are in order by size, on the correct rack, and have a price tag
  • At the end of each week, rotate the merchandise so the store always looks different to customers
  • Check inventory and stock shelves
  • Clean and dust shelves weekly
  • Sanitize all racks, countertops, etc. weekly
  • Assist with special projects, mailing, etc.
  • Keep a running log of items that are popular and low in stock
  • Become familiar with all items in the store to efficiently assist customers
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Required:  must be able to lift boxes of merchandize, bend up and down to stock merchandise, stand on feet throughout shift

Business Management Technology Department

  • Answer phone and take messages in a professional manner
  • File papers, keep storage room organized, and order supplies when needed
  • Make labels for folders and keep student folders organized
  • Create Microsoft Word and Excel documents as needed
  • Check mail daily and run errands around campus
  • Make copies and send e-mails
  • Required:  working knowledge of Microsoft Office, good keyboarding skills, filing knowledge, and organizational skills

HVAC/Welding Department

  • Filing and typing papers
  • Required: Good computer and filing skills, proficient in Microsoft Excel

Student Services

  • Greeting and assisting students with computer needs while maintaining confidentiality
  • Computer needs include filling out admissions applications, applying for graduation, scheduling appointments during advisement periods, and adding/dropping/withdrawing from online classes
  • Ensure that help is always available at the front desk
  • General office duties, including filing papers, making copies, answering phone calls, sending faxes, and delivering mail

Hancock Center

Student Services/Administration

  • Answer incoming telephone calls and direct the calls to the proper person
  • Prepare center correspondence, mailing, e-mails, errands, and other duties as assigned
  • Be able to answer general questions concerning Admissions, Financial Aid, and the Business Office
  • Ability to work independently, answer multi-line phones, and have great communication skills
  • Must be willing to sign a statement of conduct and confidentiality
  • Required: strong keyboarding skills, working knowledge of Microsoft Office and basic office equipment


  • Answer incoming telephone calls and direct calls to the proper person
  • Answer general questions pertaining to the Library
  • Assist with photocopying, scanning, and printing
  • Assist students and prospective students with navigation on the PRCC website
  • Assist in shelving books in the collection, locating missing materials, and keeping the Library orderly
  • Ability to work independently, answer multi-line phones, and have great communication skills
  • Must be willing to sign a statement of conduct and confidentiality
  • Perform other duties as assigned
  • Required: strong keyboarding skills, working knowledge of Microsoft Office and basic office equipment