Service Scholarships

Service Scholarships at Pearl River Community College provide financial assistance for students who participate in a variety of campus activities and organizations.

  1. BAND — Marching band (including color guard), concert band, and jazz band scholarships, are available. Con-tact band directors for audition information and amounts.
  2. STRING OF PEARLS — Dance team scholarships are available. Contact the String of Pearls director for audition information and amounts.
  3. THEATER — Theater scholarships are available. Contact the theater instructor for audition information and amounts.
  4. CHEERLEADER — Scholarship is $1000 per semester..
  5. MASCOT — Scholarship is $1000 per semester.
  6. RIVERROAD (SHOWCHOIR) — Scholarship is the value of one-half of regular tuition per semester.
  7. CONCERT CHOIR — Scholarship is the value of one-half of regular tuition.
  8. VOICES — Scholarship is the value of one-half of regular tuition per semester.
  9. ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP — Contact the Head Coach of each respective area of athletics at PRCC regarding scholarship availability.
  10. STUDENT ATHLETIC TRAINING - The Athletic Training Profession is a rapidly growing profession in a variety of environments which include:  secondary schools, law enforcement, industries and the military.  At Pearl River Community College, student athletic trainers assist Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC) in every aspect of their jobs.  Athletic Trainers are highly educated and skilled professionals that provide care to the physically active.  ATC’s specialize in the prevention, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses that occur to athletes on a daily basis. 
    Student Athletic Trainers’ are eligible for scholarships up to full tuition depending upon on the student athletic trainer’s work ability and work ethic.  The athletic training scholarship will not cover room and board and/or books and supplies.  Scholarships are currently available during the fall and spring semesters with the possibility of receiving one during the summer, if funds are available.
  11. JOURNALISM — Contact the PRCC public relations director regarding availability and amounts.
  12. VISUAL ART — Contact PRCC Fine Arts Department.
  13. RECRUITMENT TEAM/RIVER NAVIGATORS — Contact the Office of Recruitment and Orientation. Scholar-ships are based on the availability of funds.
  14. STUDENT GOVERNMENT — Awarded to the elected Student Government Officers. The scholarship for the President is $1350 per semester. Scholarships for the Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer are $500 per semes-ter. (Freshman and Sophomore class officers are not included in this scholarship award.)
  15. HOUSING (RESIDENT ASSISTANT) — Scholarship is the value of $1000 per semester.
  16. THE MAGIC RIVER EDITOR — Value of half regular tuition for 2 semesters. Contact Ms. Julia Ferguson.


Recipients are required to enroll and maintain full-time status during the semester.

Recipients are required to maintain the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy outlined by the college and/or other state/federal SAP policies.

Scholarships can be received for a maximum of four semesters.

Scholarships apply to direct institutional fees ONLY (tuition, room and board, and required educational supplies). Students do not receive cash refunds from service scholarships.

Scholarship recipients with a credit balance after assessment of institutional fees are able to utilize that credit at the Bookstore for necessary educational supplies (workbooks, etc.) to be used by the scholarship recipient only.

How To Apply For Service Scholarships

Contact the appropriate office at Pearl River Community College to apply for specific scholarships.