Probation and Suspension

POLICY OF BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF PEARL RIVER COMMUNITY COLLEGE Tuesday, February 8, 1983 2 Tuesday, December 7, 1993 Instruction

Pearl River Community College will have a written probation/suspension procedure for all institutional and financial aid programs based on a minimum standard of progress.

The faculty, administration, and Board of Trustees desires for each student enrolling in Pearl River Community College to be successful in reaching his or her academic goals. With that in mind, the probation and suspension procedure encourages students to do their very best. If a student fails to meet the academic/financial aid requirements, based on a cumulative grade point average one semester, he or she will be placed on academic/financial aid probation. If the student should fail to remove the deficiency the next semester, he or she will be placed on academic/financial aid suspension and be required to sit out of school one semester. When re-enrolling in school after being on academic/financial aid suspension, the student will be on academic/financial aid probation for that term and must remove the deficiency during that term.

The academic/financial aid probation and suspension procedure is as follows:

Total Hours Attempted for Quality Points  Cumulative Grade  Point Average
0 - 24 hours 1.50 GPA
25 - 36 hours 1.75 GPA
37 - and above 2.00 GPA