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Before completing the steps below, please make sure you have viewed the Registration Questions page.

STEP 1: Request a Course(s)

View the tutorial on how to register.

Click the link to request an online course: 

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Registration for 2nd 8 week online courses has ended. Registration for Summer and Fall online classes will begin on Tuesday, April 7th. Please visit this page during that time to register for online classes.

 After using the self-registration process, you have reserved the course(s). Please allow 48 business hours for our office to process your request. If issues arise, our office will notify you by the email you use to request your online course(s).

STEP 2: Verify Registration

Verify your registration by accessing your Student Profile (you must log into your profile). Look on your Student Profile to see if you have been Verified. Your profile will say "Verfied" or "Non-Verified" on the top, right-hand side of the page.

If you do not have holds or restrictions on your PRCC student account, the Office of eLearning will process your request and your Student Profile will indicate that you are "Verified".

If you have holds or restrictions (such as ACT, class prerequisites, business office holds) then you should expect to receive an e-mail stating that you were not registered for the course(s). At this point, it is your responsiblity to determine why you were denied the course(s). You are encouraged not to delay, as courses have a tendency to fill and close. A seat will not be held for you. You will have to re-register.

STEP 3: Purchase your Textbook

After you have verified that your registration is successful, you are ready to purchase your textbook. Contact the PRCC Textbook Center to find out hours and other necessary information at 601.403.1368.

View the steps in how to purchase your textbook.

There is no refund once a student has completed at least one assignment/activity in the class. If you have any questions or issues regarding your Student Account, contact Laura Chisolm in the Business Office at