Pearl River Community College

Plan of Study

Deadline to apply: Priority deadline is EXTENDED to May 20, 2020 and Alternate deadline is October 1, 2020 for students that are on schedule for December 2021 graduation.  AAS Plan of Study                                 Minimum ACT required: 16

  • PROGRAM UPDATE: Beginning with students that are on schedule to graduate in December 2021, our SUT Program will offer an Associate Degree only. 
  • Applicants that are offered a position for the graduating class of December 2021, may begin taking the required academics in the summer or fall of 2020 if they apply by the deadline, meet requirements and are offered a class position. 
  • SUT 1113 will be taken during the first semester of a student's schedule. 
  • You may use previous coursework with the SUT Plan of Study or take required academics along with the SUT Courses. 
  • We will offer comprensive advising to students meeting the extended dealine of May 20 or October 1 deadline, meet the requirements and are offered a position in the program.  

Note: SUT Classes have to be passed with a C or higher to continue in the SUT Program. Minimum GPA of 2.0 required for graduation. All academics within the SUT Plan of Study Curriculum have to be passed with a C "70" or higher and sciences have to be taken within the last 5 years. Additional program requirements have to be met to secure your position in the SUT Program. Additional graduation requirements include: Scrubbing on a minimum of 120 surgical cases meeting specific requirements and sitting for the National CST Exam.

SUT Plan of Study Curriculum                              Associate Degree: Total 65 sch

Course Number Course Description Hours
FIRST SEMESTER        (Applicants that are offered a postion and meet the requirements for admission following the priority deadline, SUT 1113 may be taken in the first fall semester of their schedule- Fall 2020)
SUT 1113 Fundamentals of Surgical Technology  3
SUT 1217 Principles of Surgical Technique 7
SUT 1314 Surgical Anatomy 4
SUT 1412 Surgical Microbiology 2
SUT 1222 Surgical Medical Terminology 2
Written Communications Elective (unless previously taken) 3
SUT 1518 Basic/Related Surgical Procedures 8
SUT 1528 Specialized Surgical Procedures 8
SUT 1538 Advanced Surgical Procedures 8
SUT 1703 Certification and Role Transition 3

Associate in Applied Science Total: 65 Hours

BIO 2513 Anatomy & Physiology I (or BIO 1513 Principles of A & P I) 3
BIO 2511 Anatomy & Physiology I Lab (or BIO 1511 Principles of A & P I Lab) 1
BIO 2523 Anatomy & Physiology II (or BIO 1523 Principles of A & P II) 3
BIO 2512 Anatomy & Physiology II Lab (or BIO 1521 Principles of A & P II Lab) 1
(9 sch) with minimum of one course from each of the following areas:
* Math/Natural Science 3
** Social/Behavior Science 3
*** Humanities/Fine Arts 3
(Total sch for A.A.S. 65 hours)

Approved Courses: (9 sch) with minimum of one course from each of the following areas

*Math/Natural Science (minimum of 1 course)

  • BIO 1134 General Biology I
  • BIO 1144 General Biology II
  • MAT 1313 College Algebra (or higher)
  • BIO 2923 & 2921 Microbiology and Lab
  • CHE 1213 & CHE 1211 General Chemistry I with Lab

**Social/Behavior Science (minimum of 1 course)

  • EPY 2513 Child Psychology
  • EPY 2523 Adolescent Psychology
  • EPY 2533 Human Growth and Development
  • PSY 1513 General Psychology
  • SOC 2143 Marriage and Family
  • SOC 2113 Introduction to Sociology

***Humanities/Fine Arts (minimum of 1 course)

  • ART 1113 Art Appreciation
  • MUS 1113 Music Appreciation
  • SPT 2233 Theatre Appreciation
  • HIS 1163 World Civilization
  • ENG 2423 World Literature