Block, Brick & Stonemasonry

About the Program

The Brick, Block and Stonemasonry Program at Pearl River Community College is designed to lead to a Certificate of Proficiency.

The student in Brick, Block and Stonemasonry learns to lay brick and blocks. Instruction includes laying out and/or spacing bonds; deter-mining vertical and horizontal alignment of courses using gauges, plumb-bobs and levels; and cutting, notching and shaping blocks, bricks and stone to construct or repair walls, partitions, arches and fireplaces.

Applicants for the Brick, Block and Stone-masonry Program must have a high school diploma or a GED.

Career Opportunities in the Field

The current demand for brick, block and stonemasonry craft persons assures the student of a job upon graduation. The national average for an apprentice Brick Mason is $12.65 per hour, but the demand in this area is far greater than the national one, so graduates can expect to earn between $16 and $20 per hour. The masonry field is currently short of the current need and that shortage is expected to increase.