ADN Application Check-List

Deadlines: MARCH 1st - FALL semester consideration
OCTOBER 1st - SPRING semester consideration

PRCC Admissions:

  1. PRCC application or be a current student
  2. Official high school transcript with computed GPA or GED test score
  3. Official transcript(s) from all colleges previously attended with college degrees noted
  4. American College Test (ACT) score(s) if applicable

Department of Nursing Education Admissions:

  1. A completed ADN application with a picture attached
  2. Copy of National League for Nursing Pre-Admission Exam-RN (NLN PAX-RN) test scores.
  3. An unofficial copy of transcripts from all colleges attended (including PRCC) with college degrees noted.
  4. Copy of ACT scores.
  5. Completed Criminal Background Check (CBC) questionnaire.
  6. If applicable, verification of a current, non-restricted LPN license & a completed LPN Employer Verification Form.

* Reminder: A letter must be mailed from the dean or director of any previous ADN or BSN program attended stating date of eligibility. Must be mailed to PRCC Director, Department of Nursing Education
NOTE: If not eligible for immediate return, must wait 5 years from the exit date to apply.