Caribbean Studies

Caribbean PhotosAs a member of the PRCC Honors Institute, I was given the opportunity to join with The University of Southern Mississippi’s study abroad program to travel to Jamaica. Ecstatic, my friends and I researched all the things we would absolutely have to do in Jamaica. Due to circumstances though, I was the only PRCC student able to go. I had concerns about traveling without my friends, but I knew this was a special prospect — to visit and study in another country. It would not be something I regretted.

I had chosen the Social Work class. I found it to be the perfect balance between classwork and fun. We also had more traditional classroom studies. We were able to see the REAL Jamaica, whereas most tourists are only shown a narrow view of the country. Our learning experience included many interesting field trips — to a school, orphanages, and a hospital — where we saw first-hand, life in Jamaica. The reality is that there is much more to this country and its people, and the poor conditions they experience extend beyond their control.

In addition to class, we had plenty time to enjoy the beauty of Jamaica and have a great time. Jamaica is a beautiful country with many picture-perfect moments. We enjoyed spending the day at Dunn’s River Falls, a visit to Glistening Waters, and, of course, beach days. For the time spent, I not only received college credit, but also, an unforgettable experience to treasure. I know the trip has helped me grow both intellectually and as a person.

— Allison McDaniel