Mission Statement & Strategic Goals


Pearl River Community College is a public institution committed to providing quality educational and service opportunities for all who seek them.


  1. To prepare students to complete a degree or certificate program and to be successful in careers for which they have been prepared.
  2. To provide quality student services.
  3. To provide access to college courses and programs using various instructional methods, including distance education and dual enrollment/credit courses.
  4. To employ qualified faculty and staff, compensate them well, and provide opportunities for their professional development.
  5. To provide facilities, technology, and support staff in order to improve student learning, enhance faculty and staff performance, augment community services, and make college services available via the Internet.
  6. To improve communication among campus personnel and community members regarding the College goals, objectives, and activities.
  7. To recruit and retain students from a diverse population.
  8. To provide workforce training programs that meet requirements of business, industry, educational, and public service agencies for basic skills, specific job skills, and technical skills training.