Online Forms

These forms are to be used for online classes only.

A schedule change means that you are changing an existing schedule prior to the beginning of a semester. You also have the opportunity to change your schedule the first two days of an online semester. After this, any changes are considered withdrawals, and you will need to use the Withdrawal Form.


There are withdrawal deadlines for each term (15 week, 1st 8 week, 2nd 8 week, and each 4 week term) within a semester. Please visit the eLearning Calendar to view these deadlines.

SCHEDULE CHANGE REQUEST (Fall 2016 semester-4 Week and 2nd 8 Week ONLY)

After you complete the registration process, you may use the Schedule Change Form to change your online class(es). (Be aware that each Schedule Change Form submitted results in a $15 Schedule Change Fee applied to your student account.) "Change" means that you wish to either ADD or DROP particular classes. When you complete the schedule change form, the form will automatically submit to the Office of eLearning. A copy of your request will be sent to your e-mail address.

There is no refund once a student has completed at least one assignment/activity in the class. If you have any questions or issues regarding your Student Account, contact Laura Chisolm in the Business Office at