The Student Housing Application can be found here.

Q:      How do I get a dorm room?
A:      To get a dorm room you must complete a housing application and submit it to the Business Office (601-403-1206). You must submit a $75 non-refundable deposit along with your application. You must be also enrolled in at least 12 credit hours (full-time).

Q:      When should I sign up for a dorm so I will not be put on a waiting list?
A:      Housing applications, along with a $75 dollar non-refundable application fee, should be submitted 6 months to a year prior to attendance.

Q:      Does PRCC have residence halls?
A:     Yes, PRCC has 7 residence halls.

Q:     What is the cost of housing?
A:      Forrest Hall, Lamar Hall and Handcock Hall dormitories are $2,100 per semester.  Pearl River Hall, Huff Hall, Moody Hall, and Holden Hall dormitories are $1,900 per semester.  All housing prices include a full 7 day meal plan.

Q:      Are housing application fees refundable?
A:      The $75 housing application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE unless granted by the Director of Business Services.

Q:      How do I request repairs to my dorm room?
A:      If your dorm room needs repairs, communicate your needs with your head resident or resident assistants. They will submit a work order request to have the repairs made.

Q:      How do I switch dorms, dorm rooms, or roommates?
A:      You must contact your head resident and tell them your request. These request will be granted once approved by your head resident and the housing director.

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